robo_loco — /rō·bō·lō·cō/

the crazy robot game that just may drive you absolutely bonkers...

learn to play ** early alpha prototype

3D level editor

be a builder — make your own roboloco levels with the online editor — share your creations with friends and enemies



runs anywhere — built on a 3D javascript engine!

BabylonJS account

good if you want to track/edit levels you build or receive email updates

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2018-02-27 — version 0.1 — alpha release for Vancouver "full indie" February meetup.


allow anonymous publish of levels
move all HTML into GUI for VR (ie: buttons for bot configuration), progress bars
add 20+ designed levels to tutorial
add better models
add texture chooser in editor
fix issues with publish in editor (reducer)
add lockstep physics to work across devices
add drag and drop to builder
add level validation to publish process
open source level editor
improve VR experience with teleportation towers and board rotation
search functionality for user created levels
user reviews and metrics for levels (ie: fun, challenging, completion time/rate.)